What People Say About Us


I am Lola’s breeder. I saw one video and knew Immediately that this is a quality trainer. This is much what I do with my personal dogs and what I recommend to my puppy buyers. it’s always money well spent to have a behaved dog by someone that knows what they are doing. THIS is the real deal folks!



Domino is so much more self-confident! I’m able to take her to the dog park, have her around other dogs, walk her “off-leash”, go hiking, camping, running, canoeing, etc. We get to enjoy each other so much more now that I no longer have to worry about her erratic behavior. Thank you, Jeremy, you have made my athletic and funny dog a well-trained, athletic and funny dog.



We reached out to Jeremy for guidance with our dog Murphy. Murphy had surgery recently and went from a happy go lucky pup to terrified of unfamiliar places and faces. When we would take him to stores he would be pulling so hard and “swimming” on the tile. He would hide behind our legs when people would approach him. Within just 4 training sessions Jeremy had helped us gain Murphy’s confidence to walk in a heel off leash inside Home Depot. Before reaching out to Jeremy, my husband always dreading taking Murphy to the dog park because he would forget his name and who we were. We were those people hollering for their dog to come and nobody had any idea which dog was ours. Now Murphy can come when called no matter what the distraction is. Jeremy was always positive and treated Murphy with lots of love and praise. We are so excited to have the confidence to proudly take Murphy on outings and adventures with us. Thank you Jeremy for the support!



Jeremy has been amazing with Chip from day one. We rescued Chip as a puppy and knew we wanted to get him the best training right out of the gate and Jeremy has helped us do just that. He is patient with the dog and the owners and has a true heart for what he is doing. If you are looking for a dog trainer then you have found your guy!!


Our chocolate Lab Elli needed some help with basic obedience. We actually had paid big money to send her off to be trained to hunt about 2 years ago and while she is an excellent hunting dog, she was an extremely frustrating family dog. She never listed to basic commands (come,sit, stay, off, etc) and was always running around 90mph and knocking the kids over jumping on them. Within TWO WEEKS Jeremy was able to get her to follow every single one of those basic commands and she is a totally different dog! He was also able to brush up some of her hunting skills by working with her on heal and staying through multiple gun shots instead of automatically breaking on a shot to go retrieve. Very impressed!!